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NEW Rainbow Six Siege team

POSTED BY HerrTobey 17th Mai 2019

We’ve signed a Benelux team

Signing a team from the Benelux region seemed to be the best thing we could do in Rainbow Six Siege. We’ve followed the scene for quite a while and got to know their structures and community. It was an easy decision for us to step into the Benelux scene. It offers a good structure with its own championship, the Benelux League, which will be our main goal to qualify for and to reach the finals. We are very confident in our team, as we signed a team consisting out of young talented players and experienced ones.

The Lineup:

 Jens „Ziggy“ Aerts

 Maik „Vetro“ Gravendyck

 Toni „Fishy“ Jokela

 Niels „pred“ Roojimans

 Eren „RN“ Demir

 Noah „Senpai“ Knegt (Subsitute)


We are looking forward to a succesful time together with the team.



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