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POSTED BY HerrTobey 16th Juli 2019

We are delighted to announce that we are extending our partnership together with 1337.Camp.

After our relaunch back in May we started things slowly and way more professional than before. Now that we feel quite comfortable with our presence and our structure we are more than happy, that 1337.Camp is continuing the journey together with us. Having the best German „Gaming Bootcamp Location“ in our back is motivating us and our players a lot.

Statement Tobias Michael Jantos, CEO

The 1337.Camp is the best location in Germany to hold a bootcamp. Following 1337.Camp since there launch I know how fast they develop and get better with their services. Knowing to have their support is by far one of the best feelings to have as CEO of a smaller organization and it means a lot to me as it shows that hard work is paying off one day. Our teams have now the opportunity to practice together in a professional environment to exceed their limits and grow as a team.


Statement Felix Papsdorf,  1337.Camp

We are working together with Burning Foxes since the beginning of our journey as professional bootcamp location. We sticked to them when they merged with TDS and now we support them as Burning Foxes again. Their team is highly motivated and it was fun to work with them in the last year, and I’m looking forward to support them and see them growing into a big organisation and home for gamers in the future.


There are already some eSports and gaming locations for hobby players in Germany. But none offers a „full service“, like the „1337.Camp“. In the bootcamp, in Straubenhardt the participants can not only stay overnight or book the complete catering for their stay. You can also take advantage of services such as the demo analysis or the special individual and team coachings of the associated professional gaming coaches.

For the participants of the camp, a total of 8 rooms, a chill-out area, 5 bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen are waiting for you on 350 square meters and 2 floors. These rooms can be rented with additional tactical meeting options and gaming PCs. Of course, players and teams can also bring their own PCs. In addition to tables, gaming chairs, and 240Hz monitors, the 1337.Camp has 2 separate 100Mbps lines.

The sleeping quarters of Mirage and Cache are as much a part of the camp as is the large chill-out area with sofa, TV and games console. For the nights the players need to worry about nothing, even the bed linen, and the final cleaning are included in the cost.

In addition to eSports and gaming, the camp can also be rented for training, workshops and various other events.



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