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POSTED BY HerrTobey 27th August 2019

Burning Foxes Youngstars

First things first, no, „Youngstars“ is written correctly, it’s a neologism made out of „young stars“ and „youngsters“. The name of our new team might be a bit arrogant but we truly believe in the talent of our new players. Together with a group of various coaches and analysts with experience reaching from Division 3 of the #99Liga up to MDL,  we’ve scouted our 6 players that form our new team.


What were the criteriums for players we were scouting?

For us, it was very important to form a young team, as that’s our idea of an academy team. During the scouting process, we’ve mainly looked at players that were at the age of 16. Players who are already on a higher skill level are more likely to develop and grow and most important to learn new things. A young player isn’t always a good player, so we went through different „LFT posts“, went through different teams and asked around to get some tips. After finally having a list of players that might have the potential, we started our test games. We tested various combinations of players to filter out the players with the biggest potential based on the opinions of our coaches and analysts. Finding the IGL is always the hardest task if you build a completely new team. Even though, for us, it wasn’t that hard of a task, as the player we’ve picked started shining very early in the scouting process. We tested many variations with him to find the best and ended up with our final lineup.


The Lineup

After reading all this information we’re at the point where we want to present you our lineup:

Mussa „T1TAN“ R.L.S – IGL
 Niklas“NiVB3X“ v.B. – AWP
 Lucas „tlx“ F. – Rifle
 Pascal „Blacki“ B. – Rifle
 Michael „Bogolo“ N. -Rifle
 Malte „ntx“ A. – Standin


The Concept

Besides a coach who is using his experience to teach the team ingame we also got an analyst to give deeper information and to work with the coach and the team for the fine-tuning we also have a mental coach to teach the players how to keep calm, what to do if they are frustrated and most important to keep the team chemistry always high. Besides team play, we’re also teaching our players how to use social media, how to behave during matches, how to write statements and interviews.


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