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Burning Foxes

Burning Foxes is a German-based multi-gaming organization, which was officially founded in February 2018, with the goal to support young and talented players all over the world.




It all began at the end of 2016, when Tobias Jantos created a steam group called Burning Foxes, in order to play and compete with his friends in a team. The goal was to get better and to compete in the #99Liga (German CS:GO League). Therefore he started trialing several players at his skill level and formed a small team, which was never should be successful. After realizing, that he would never get on the level he wanted to be, he started signing teams at the end of 2017.


A new era was created. Together with his former Ingame Leader Franziska Gasde, both signed their first team, which was playing in the CEVO Intermediate and the 3rd Division of the #99Liga. The same day they signed an Academy Team around Arthur "Kentassa" B. Everything seemed to be fine and we already got our first partner, but soon after that, 2 players of the CSGO Main team got VAC banned so that we had to kick out the rest of the team as well. We came together with the leader of Rising Wolves Gaming and formed a new organization called "Riority eSport". Burning Foxes was put on ice.




But in February, when Tobias Jantos turned 18, he gave it a new try and left "Riority eSport" to bring his old and loved Burning Foxes back alive. And here we are. This is the long story of Burning Foxes.




It all begins again...

In December 2018 Burning Foxes combined their forces with Projekt Treadstone. This fusion ended in Mai 2019 due to internal reasons.

  • Tobias Jantos CEO & Founder Tobias Jantos
  • Head of Media Reaz
  • Shelby Manager Call of Duty Shelby
  • Matt Reid Video Editor Matt Reid

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